Fernanda & Jason

Vows Of Love


Jason Acosta


Fernanda Acosta

May 24, 2024

Cabo San Lucas, BCS
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The History Of Us

The Proposal

During a visit at Central Park, near Wollman Ice Skating Rink, was a perfect location for this surprise marriage proposal! Jason had a spot specifically chosen for the proposal, as it is Jason’s favorite spot in New York. Jason used to work a few blocks from Central Park and come here to take in the view of the skyline. How I asked! As we enjoyed an elegant horse carriage ride through the park prior to a schedule dinner evening in New York City. Jason asked the coachman to stop the horse drawn vehicle. Jason jumped off the carriage near the skating rink on a chilly evening and assisted Fernanda off. While several bystanders watched in anticipation, Jason got down on one knee and asked Fernanda to marry him! Yes, there were tears, but it was beautiful. And she amazingly said yes!  We walked around the reservoir as our love shined. She spoke about her surprise and how much she loved her new ring. It truly was a beautiful moment, carefully planned and properly taken in. Even after we said our goodbyes to NYC, we continue to strive to have an amazing life together on the West coast. Fernanda, the good things in life are better with you and you are my definition of “beautiful”. I am one of the few lucky men in this world who can say that my best friend, girlfriend, and wife are the same woman.

Our Wedding

Just The Two Of Us

Jason and I made a vow to love one another on May 24, 2014, in Maui, Hawaii. We promised to do so through good times and bad. We carried on with the mini-celebration we had planned, giddy with delight and happiness. Jason and I decided to have a private wedding where together we can celebrate our special moment; although family and friends were not present which was our personal decision, we always had them in our hearts, the desire to have them by our side never went away. Ten years have passed since that time, and even though we are distant from our families, Jason has always made sure that I have a joyful life that is full of love and happiness, which just makes me love him more. We made the decision to renew our wedding vows on the occasion of our ten-year anniversary, but this time in the presence of our loved ones. For the past ten years, I have dreamed of and patiently waited for the opportunity to share the life that Jason and I have built with our family, and the time has finally come! I'm really appreciative.   Jason has fulfilled many of my dreams, but this one is very sacred to me since I will share it with everyone I care about.