Jarakah & Duvell

we’re getting married!


Duvell Bush


Jarakah Thomas



May 1

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I knew you were the one


When I met you, it was so unexpected. We were both meeting up with a family friend to have a few drinks. When we picked you up and the moment you looked at me, I already knew I had to snatch you up before someone else did😂 Duvell just got out of jail 2 week prior to us meeting each other. A few drinks turned into laughing, laughing turned into touching, next think you know, I’m spitting alcohol in his mouth. I remember that night we fell asleep together on the couch and that is the safest if felt in a long time. We were unseperatable after that night.

The proposal


It was Christmas Eve night, a day before Christmas morning. Jarakah had always wanted to go see the christmas lights, she wouldn’t shut up about it. On Christmas Eve night Duvell had told jarakah to get dressed for after he gets off of work, he wanted to take me somewhere. As excited as she was, she got ready. When Duvell got home he rolled up a few blunts and they began driving to the park with lights. They were sitting under the gazebo listening to there favorite song “my girl- Oskar Cyms “ when jarakah looks over and there’s Duvell with a ring. It was such a emotional moment for them both.