Janssen & Brie


Janssen Solberg


Brie Felnagle

June 16, 2023

Seattle, WA
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Our Origin Story

First comes track, then comes Bumble...

It was 2004. Washington State 4A Track & Field Championships. Janssen sat on the bleachers calmly hoping he’d have the unlikely chance to go from being an alternate on the 4x100 relay team to running on the main squad (He did! …kind of). Race after race continued to go by and the announcer seemed to be reporting that a girl was dominating every race she participated in. 800 meter? Champ. 1600m? Fastest in the nation. Janssen’s coaches couldn’t contain how impressed they were with her performance. “That Brie Felnagle is something else.” Flash into the future. It was 2017. 13 years have passed and adult life has pushed Janssen to scour the dating apps for companionship. Bumble was the chosen haven for continuous swiping of potential dates. Swipe left, swipe left again, swipe left again… the name Brie Felnagle shows up and Janssen can’t kick the feeling he knows that name. Profile says she’s a runner for Adidas, so she must be that dominant runner from high school. “She’s beautiful, talented, and seems down to earth,” he thinks to himself as he nervously swipes right. A few days go by and the notification finally chimes… he matched with her on Bumble. They flirt about movies and Halloween costumes, Janssen goes for the phone number and sticks the landing… but as Halloween arrives, the texts suddenly stop. He continues to text her but it is all in vain, she has clearly ghosted him. Days go by with no response, so Janssen decides to make a last ditch, desperate effort to go back and reach out to her over Bumble. Success! They both share screenshots showing their own smartphones had betrayed them and no texts were being received by the other. Phew… close call. Reconciled texts lead to a first date at Kate’s Pub, to a shared love of sushi at Ginza, a first kiss after pizza at Ballard Beer Company, and many more memories. Then eventually came the proposal overlooking the Olympics at Lake Washington, then came the dog (Pippin), then came the house, and now it's about time they tied a bow on it with a wedding. They are so thrilled to be able to celebrate their marriage with all of their family and friends.