Alyssa & Garrett


Alyssa Janicki


Garrett Buzzard

February 10, 2024

South Haven, MI
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Our Story…

Alyssa and Garrett's story began as so many do today -- on Tinder. Alyssa was a first year law student, burnt out from studying for finals. Garrett was working in Chicago, with dreams of pursuing a doctorate in Biochemistry. After exchanging a few messages about bad movies and good burritos, they met for the first time on December 20, 2016 for what would become one of their favorite date activities - drinking at a brewery. In August 2017, Garrett began what would be a 6 year long pursuit of his dreams in higher education and what would also mean 6 years of a long distance relationship for Alyssa and Garrett. During their time apart, they grew even closer through nightly facetime calls watching movies and playing jeopardy, monthly (or sometimes bimonthly) trips between Clemson and Chicago, and even the occasional meetup in a new city like Boston or Savannah. On July 29, 2022, at the beginning of a weekend in South Haven, MI with family and friends, Garrett proposed to Alyssa outside her parents' house on Lake Michigan. Alyssa and Garrett are thrilled to celebrate their marriage in South Haven surrounded by those they love most and to finally, officially declare what they have both known for years -- that there is no one in the world Alyssa or Garrett would rather be with than each other.

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