Janet & Samuel


Janet Slay


Samuel Harbaugh

October 6, 2023

Garner, NC

How We Met: Jan's Retelling

A Match Made in State College, PA

If you ask my parents, Sam and I met at a party a few months into my freshman year at Penn State. Sam's parents would tell you that we met in class on a chilly fall day. While we did meet in October of 2016, the complete truth is that Sam and I matched on Tinder, a popular app for online dating. We plan to get our stories straight the next time we try to pull the wool over our parent's eyes. After matching on Tinder, Sam and I had a 3 hour coffee date at our local Starbucks. After hours of laughter, storytelling, and far too much caffeine on my part, we parted ways only to have our second date a few days later. I was so smitten my young heart could barely take it! Even with stars in my eyes, I knew I wouldn't meet another man quite like Sam. I told him I loved him 6 months later and the rest is history.

How We Met: Sam's Retelling

Love in an Unlikely Place

As my lovely fiancée already laid out in her story above, the first time I ever saw Jan was through a tile on my phone screen. Her smile was what struck me immediately, ear-to-ear and carefree! My ace move was just awkwardly asking her how to pronounce her name (Jan-it? Juh-nett? You get the idea), which was probably not the smoothest move, but it worked out because she thought it was sweet. When we talked for three hours straight on our first date I quickly realized that I had truly never met anyone like her. That level of positive energy, the deepest love for her friends and family, passion for life and her life's mission — she had it all in spades. Now that I've gotten to know her so much more intimately over these past six years, I can safely say that the first impression was 100% spot on. I'm so lucky to have met such an amazing person. I'd say ours is definitely not the typical Tinder story, but I couldn't imagine any other outcome. (Seriously, if they ever want to change up their image we should really be brand ambassadors for them).

For all the days along the way
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