Kennedy & Joshua

    Wedding Party


Joshua Hopkinson


Kennedy Chambers



June 3


Our Beginning

All Good Things Start with Texas Roadhouse Rolls

What would we do without the internet? We crossed paths on the dating app Bumble and quickly connected over our love of Game of Thrones. After a few weeks of texting, Josh asked Kennedy to go on a date with him at Texas Roadhouse. He nearly scared her off when he shouted, "Are you Kennedy?", across the parking lot when she walked up to him. Over a basket of rolls and a couple margaritas, we learned more about each other, and Kennedy knew that this was different than anything she had felt before. Josh gave her butterflies, and unfortunately a nauseous feeling followed. Maybe it was the margaritas? Maybe the nerves? Whatever the reason for the nausea was, we had to cut our date short because there was no way Kennedy was going to let Josh see her throw up. He was so kind about it, and graciously gave her a hug at the end of the night and said they should go out again sometime. Kennedy thought that would be the end, but thankfully he meant it and asked to go out again on his next day off. For the next month or so we went on dates when we could since we worked opposite schedules. Each date was better than the last and the connection between us grew stronger each time we saw each other. Super Bowl Sunday 2021, while making his family's queso dip, Josh officially asked Kennedy to be his girlfriend (FINALLY!). A few months later we made the trip to Ohio so Josh could see his family and Kennedy could meet them. We had so much fun spending time with Josh's family and starting to make memories together with them. This trip will always hold a very special place in our hearts. Not only because we got the chance to spend time with Josh's family, but this trip was also the first time we told each other that we were in love. Our love for each other grew with each day and we both realized that this may be the once in a lifetime love you grow up dreaming of.

The "Yes" Day

July 23, 2022

Like a scene from a movie, Josh planned the perfect proposal. A hot air balloon festival came to Billings and we decided to schedule a ride on one of the balloons. The morning of our ride came. Kennedy's parents and our nephew met us at the festival to watch us, and all the other balloons, take off. Kennedy thought that this may be it, this may be when Josh is going to propose to her! We took off, waved goodbye to our family and away we floated. The ride was amazing and so much fun! It was truly something neither of us will ever forget. After about an hour in the air, we touched back down and were taken back to the festival to participate in their closing ceremony. After the ceremony, we walked back to the car to get breakfast and Josh hadn't proposed. Kennedy's parents were right, this wasn't the right time and Josh would propose when he was ready. At breakfast Kennedy made a joke about how she thought that Josh was going to propose to her during their ride and he told her "next time". We planned to go to the hot air balloon glow with Kennedy's parents and nephew that same night. We ate great food and got to see the balloons inflated and glow from the fire as the sun set. Josh asked Kennedy a few times if she wanted to get closer to the balloons and go take pictures, and each time she said no. Kennedy's parents were about to head home when Josh was finally able to pull Kennedy away. We went up on top of a hill and took some pictures while we watched the balloons glow. After we had been there for a little while, we decided to head back to where Kennedy's parents were and go home. Just as we were about to walk back, Josh got down on one knee and asked Kennedy to marry him. It was such a surprise; Kennedy was not expecting it at all! It was the perfect ending to the perfect day!

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