Gracie & Justin

better together


Gracie Lauren Prewitt


Justin Paul Gangwish


September 23, 2023

Southgate, KY
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how we met

We met at Morehead State University. In 2018, Justin needed help in accounting, so we met up at the library and studied together. We became friends and hung out, we were both pretty busy though and lots going on in our lives. Halloween of 2019, we’re both single at a Halloween party, and reconnected. We went on some dates and became boyfriend and girlfriend official on November 11, 2019.

our life

We’ve had some pretty nice adventures, opportunities, and successes since we started dating. We survived the COVID lockdown living together, graduated college together, got internships, started our careers, moved to two new cities, and now own a home in Georgetown, KY. We’re so lucky to have each other and our families in our lives. We have three dogs, Phin, Mazie, and Mollie. We can’t wait to get married and start a family of our own.