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October 16, 2023

Barcelona, Spain

A Wedding

Love stories usually start with someone catching your eye. But in their case, it was Daniel's ear.

In June 2011, Daniel moved to Rochester, New York from Tucson, Arizona. A week later, Brittney traveled to Rochester to perform for a wedding. It was at the rehearsal dinner where they first met. As the dinner was starting to wind down and guests began to leave, the house became nothing but low murmurs... that was when Daniel heard a faint melody. Following the sound, Daniel found Brittney playing the piano. Daniel was briefly introduced as having just moved to town and Brittney was introduced as a visitor from New Jersey. At this point, they both thought nothing more of each other than curious interest. But little did they know that this wedding would eventually lead them to their own.

A Facebook Message

They started out as nothing more than modern day Pen Pals.

After their first brief encounter, they became Facebook friends. And that was it... until two years later. Brittney's high school friends thought it would be fun to message random people on her page while she wasn't looking. Scrolling through her friend list, they stumbled upon Daniel Manning. They jokingly messaged Daniel with a simple "Hi!". To Brittney's surprise, he messaged back almost immediately! What started out as Facebook messages turned to texting and then eventually Skyping. And this was just the beginning.

A birthday, a move, and a pup named Auggie

Daniel makes his move(s) with a little help (and permission).

After a few months of Skyping and texting, they became good friends. In August 2013, Brittney’s parents, Annabelle and Fermin, threw her an 18th birthday party (debut). Daniel decided he wanted to let Brittney know how he felt about her. First, he asked permission from her parents. Then, he got Auggie (the family pup) ready. With red roses in hand and a fluffed-up-pup in the other, Daniel nervously and sincerely made his feelings for Brittney known. A few months later, Daniel made his first big move - a move to New Jersey and a transfer to the university Brittney was attending. From this point on, wherever there was Brittney, there was Daniel.

College: A Saga

First comes school, then comes marriage.

Both Daniel and Brittney attended Rutgers University. Brittney started in Fall 2013 and Daniel in Spring 2014. After Daniel’s three years at Rutgers, he decided to stay and live in New Jersey after graduation. Brittney graduated after four years at Rutgers and then completed her masters at Georgetown University for another year and a half. The college and post-college years were a difficult and stressful time for them both - all the studying, the exams, trying to figure themselves/future careers out, and then eventually the distance. While Brittney was living in Washington D.C., Daniel stayed back home in New Jersey. This was the first time they were apart since starting at Rutgers. And on top of all of that was the confusion of their relationship (which we all know was confusing for everyone else, too). Their priority was finishing school and then they’d figure the “us” out. But one thing was and will always be certain: with everything they’ve gone through - they did it together.

A Proposal

November 27, 2021

On a beautiful snowy day in Rochester, New York, Daniel proposed to Brittney. After a few months of planning and with some help from Brittney’s sister Marli and Daniel’s brother Tristan, the day and proposal went as planned - so perfectly honest, sincere, and intimate. This day was even more special because they were able to celebrate with Daniel’s mother, Digna. When they arrived back at the house, she exclaimed with the biggest smile, “I’m so happy you said yes!” and greeted them with the warmest hug. Daniel and Brittney’s story has been 10+ years in the making. And that’s not the end of it! They are off to start the next chapter(s) of their lives together and are excited to share in these moments with you. See you in Barcelona!

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