Jamie & Chris





August 12, 2023

Yorba Linda, CA

Our Story

A Disney Fairytale!

Chris and Jamie initially found each other on mousemingle.com…a disney dating site. Unfortunately the website charges money to actually message people and they were both cheap. Chris tried to bypass the rule by posting his email address. Jamie messaged him on Gchat, but unfortunately Chris never saw it (he found it later after they had been dating for awhile). Fortunately, they used the same photos for their dating profiles on other dating sites and Chris eventually found Jamie on OKCupid. They had their first date at Disneyland, where Jamie was, of course, super late. To be fair, Chris said to meet at “the tree” (there are so many trees in front of disneyland!!). They sat and talked at the Plaza Inn and watched the fireworks. At the end of the night, Chris asked what Jamie’s favorite ride was, and to his regret, it was splash mountain, so the night ended with a ride on splash mountain where Chris got absolutely soaked (see picture). And that was the start of many, many trips to Disneyland.

The Proposal

Chris and Jamie went on vacation to Hawaii with Jamie’s family. Chris had the ring handy and was waiting for the perfect moment. Unfortunately, he was never able to get Jamie’s dad alone to ask for his blessing. And so, the perfect moments came and went. By the time he was able to speak with Jamie’s dad, the trip was over. The day after they returned from Hawaii, Chris tells Jamie that he found lunch reservations at the Carthay Circle Restaurant in California Adventure. It was 6/26 (STiTCH day!), so Jamie excitedly dressed in her best lilo and stitch attire. At lunch, Chris began talking about the moment they met and Jamie started talking about how terrible her hair looked on that day. She was so distracted that she didn’t even notice that Chris had placed the ring box right in front of her (To be fair, the ring box was the same color as the napkin). He asked her to marry him and of course, she said yes.

For all the days along the way
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