Nathan & Jamie

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Jennifer McBain

Matron of Honor + Sister of Bride

Jamie's day 1. Since birth, her sweet, gentle, compassionate sister has always put up with her. Their parents always told them how different they were growing up but they have one thing in common at least. The craziness is the glue that holds them together. And ALL of the other stuff they get themselves into. Jamie really would be lost without her — in fact, the whole family would. That includes 1 husband, 1 mom, a dad, 4 kids, 2 dogs, and I don’t know how many chickens.

Carlos Barrientos

Best Man

Carlos and Nathan met when they worked together at Gallery Furniture in 2013. They got to spend a lot of time together working 50 hour work weeks. A common interest of photography, skateboarding, and music solidified the blooming friendship. Over the past 10 years they have gone to dozens of concerts together, traveled to destinations inculding Cancun, NYC and attended company parties as Nathan's +1. The word "bromance" perfectly describes this friendship.

Chloe Albright


Life with Chloe is always an adventure. Their adventure together actually (and embarrassingly) started when Jamie wouldn’t let her sit at her lunch table in sixth grade. That quickly changed! Chloe is everything Jamie isn't, in the best way. And vise versa... yet, they balance each other so well. This girl saved her. Jamie didn’t even know what depression really was when they were younger. Chloe would always pick her "up." Twenty one years later, and 1,548 miles from Chloe in Philly, Jamie would give anything to eat lunch with her every day!

Tom Krawczyk


Tom and Nathan met while they both attended Illinois State University. Their paths first crossed at a job fair when Tom need to borrow a pen for a job application. They both ended up getting the job they applied for at Starplex Cinemas in Normal, Illinois and quickly hit it off through a common interest of skateboarding and photography.

Casey Miller


Casey and Jamie also grew up together, the longest of all her friends. They shared an alley between their houses and pretty much did everything together. Jennifer helped "raise" them. They survived, well thrived, on Dominoe’s pizza, Taco Bell + KFC combo, and gas station beef jerky. The best beef jerky you’d ever eat. Ironically, when they weren’t enjoying the finer things in Lewisburg, they were on a field together. And actually pretty decent at sports together, too. Sports were our life. Casey taught Jamie to be calm and to trust in the process. Later on in our lives, those same lessons were instrumental in Jamie's Walk with the Lord. Thanks to Casey. It can be days or months that go by and somehow it’s still right back to the same Linntown girls when they are together. With or without beef jerky.

Brian Sherwood


Brian and Nathan's friendship dates the furthest back. They met in Illinois when they each attended Harper Community College. A mutual friend invited Brian over to an after class hangout and they both realized they would be attending Illinois State University the following semester. With minimal background of each other, they took a leap of faith and decided to be roommates the first year there. Brian's laid back personality meshed perfectly and the two became great friends quickly.

Elizabeth Wrinkle


Where do we even begin? She’s a Texan version of Chloe. And the best part? They love each other too. Liz has never met anyone that didn’t adore here from the get go. She is Jamie's ultimate hype girl — whichever way she's going — up or down. Elizabeth is utterly selfless for people she cares for and always shows up. They both have been in the same “seasons” for years now — heartbreak, newness, doubt, love, doubt again, hope, joy, so. much. more. love, unity — and Jamie feels it is an honor to "do" life with her.

David Tonyan


David and Nathan met on a trivia night in Midtown about 10 years ago. His infectious, booming personality quickly made him a staple in the newly forming friend group. David and Nathan eventually became roommates and made many fun (and sometimes hazy) memories in Midtown.

Harper McBain

Jr. Bridesmaid + Niece of Bride

Jamie never knew true love until sweet Harpie was in her arms. She is ALL heart. She’s JAMIE'S heart! From before she could talk, the family thought there was something special about her. And when she could walk, the family knew. So many times, her motive is to help others, to fix something, to do or be better. Even at a young age, she’d innocently gaze and say “Jame, how are you?” What 6 year old has check-ins? Harper Elizabeth does. She’s grown up to be an outstanding sister…borderline self-proclaimed mini mom. Her warmth and kindness makes her even more beautiful than she already is.

Douglas Best


Doug and Nathan met through mutual friends. His many talents include being able to the "dougie" dance and drinking Jameson without quivering. Despite having conflicting sports fandom allegiances (Doug is a Manchester United, Lakers, and Broncos fan), they still are able to enjoy each others company. Although he is not particularly punctual, Doug is as reliable as they come and always willing to help a friend.

Brooklyn McBain

Flower Girl + Niece of Bride

If Harp is Jamie's heart, Brookie is her SOUL. She is Jamie, in a pint sized body and it’s scary how she’s not her daughter. She’s independent and strong. Full of wonder and not afraid to get dirty or be the first one to line up. In fact, she fights for it. There is so much emotion inside her and if you can keep up with her, she’ll wrap you in love. She’s complicatedly simple. Always in the moment but also ready for the next thing. Brooks is a learner too — she loves to share her knowledge with others. Her mind is so unique and she teaches all 5 McEggs girls there is always another way.

Reagan McBain

Flower Girl + Niece of Bride

Last but not least of the little ladies, Miss Reagan Mae. She’s Jamie's funny bone. Full of giggles, cuddles, and the gentlest smiles. Even her walk has a sway to it, as her hair bobs, and she blissfully walks about. She’s the most reserved, in a way, but she’s just so tender, it takes her extra time. Her positivity for radiates even as she has to follow in (what the family calls them) the “big girls” footsteps. She’s right on the edge but she quietly accepts that she’ll be big enough soon. You can find her dancing around the house or singing her way through the hallway. It’s not important if she knows the moves or the words — she makes it seem right either way.

Ripp McBain

Ring Bearer + Niece of Bride

Jamie wasn’t fully convinced she’d be ready when her sister and BIL were expecting their last kiddo, and first boy. It had been YEARS since a baby boy was in the family. Well, this boy does his own darn thing anyway. See, Jamie has finally found that if she plays the right amount of coolness, he’ll come to HER with the hugs (+ typically, only when asked, the kisses). Everyone looks forward to really see his personality come out, especially Jamie. To her, it has been such a joy to have him change her heart for boys. It gives her hope that if they have a baby boy Kelly, they'll be just fine.

Mitchell McBain

Usher + Brother-in-Law of Bride

Mitchell Patience McBain. From Jennifer, to 3 daughters, a live in MIL (Jamie + Jenn's mom!), to his own mom, sister, (he does have 1 brother), 5 nieces, and JAMIE. This poor man. And on the Eggleton side — we’re larger than life. And usually, so our parties — meaning Mitch’s parties too. He claims we'll never have a normal “anything.” It’s always bigger, better, more intricate, detailed, everything! At least he knows! He always adds to the family nights together too though. He’ll eventually pull out the guitar and sing as they attempt to 2 step around the room. It’s like out of a movie. It is one of Jamie's favorite "moments" he helps create for them all to store.

David Eggleton

Usher + Cousin of Bride

From on Jamie’s hip, to fumbling through Cotillion dancing, to comically teaching a Sunday school class together, to planning proposals, and weddings in the same year, these cousins have been through a lot together — even with 10 years between the two of them. Might we add the memories of Jamie sitting sideline to literally every football game ever and David hauling, surprising, fixing, humoring and assisting in all of Jamie’s planning for family festivities. Jamie has enjoyed seeing David grow into the best guy around. She always joked if he had her last name, too — he’d BETTER be one of the good ones. And he sure is. He has graduated with masters degree from A&M and is starting his journey living inside the loop (9 mins away from Nathan and Jamie!) with his wifey, Amanda, after their wedding this summer.

Jeff Cook


Two of the first times Jeff and Nathan met were during "critical mass", a once-a-month bike ride through the city up to 25 miles. Jeff was the biggest soccer fan of the friend group and managed to create a cult following of new soccer fans in our group who actively follow the Premier League.

Steven Oyervides


Steven is the ultimate mingler. He has been able to bring together so many people and groups through his outgoing personality. He was one of Nathan's first friends in Houston when he moved back in 2011. He is the unofficial historian of the group and makes sure to take photos of everywhere he goes. His Instagram page is a testament to that with over 4,500 photos.

Meredith Thompson


Meredith is not only the officiant but she has become a dear friend of the couple. Along with her husband, Hunter, they help to lead a small group at Nathan and Jamie’s church. (The Story Church — also, on Washington! Check it out.) She has a passion for learning about the Lord (still in school!) and carries that through in her teaching. The couple was separately moved by her faith and each knew she’d be a perfect fit for the big day. Luckily, Meredith doubles as the wedding security as she is active in Krav Maga. And while she could ALSO be snapping photos of the couple, they opted to give the professional photographer “off” for the night since she’s already doing so much. Ya know, hitchin’ them and all.