September 17, 2022
Stone Harbor, NJ

Jami & EJ


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EJ Carannante


Jami Porzl

Stone Harbor


September 17


How We Met

August 23, 2014

The story all begins in the summer of 2014; EJ had met a friend of Jami's at the time and happened to bump into them on campus along with one of Jami's closest friends, Lauren. Little did we know how important this time would be but EJ swears that he knew there was something special about Jami from beginning. EJ still claims to this day that his move of "playing hard to get and ignoring Jami" worked wonders but he's the only one who think's that way! The next few weeks and months EJ tried everything to get her attention, even going as far as offering to "tutor" Jami in Chemistry, arguably the class he did the worst in during his time at Stevens. By a combination of his strong feelings for her and determination to not make a fool of himself he managed to convince Jami to be his date at his fraternity formal where they managed to have the worst first date you could possibly imagine. This proved to be a moment of reflection as having such a humiliating experience brought the best out of us, as we both broke down our barriers and were able to finally connect on a heartfelt and deeper level. From here we've grown to become incredible partners, friends, family members, professionals and travel buddies as we constantly push each other to be the best we can be.

The Proposal

August 15, 2020

In the summer of 2020 we booked a nice weekend in Wildwood with the idea being to spend time with friends, celebrate Jami's 24th birthday and plan some fun events over the weekend. The weekend was going great and we had booked a winery tour for all of us to go on - which was framed to be for Jami's birthday (although she knew something was up)! When we arrived at the vineyard, we wandered away from the group and at the end of the vines was a beautiful station decorated with roses, with a beautiful sunset in the background, at which point EJ took the opportunity to pop the question and the tears began flowing. If you ask Jami what EJ even said during his proposal she won't be able to tell you as she was overcome with emotions and joy. Surrounded by our amazing friends, we enjoyed a beautiful evening dinner at the winery where we celebrated long into the night, knowing that this was only the beginning of something truly special.

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