James & Anna

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James Khuong



March 23, 2024

Denver, CO
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Middle School Crush...

6th Grade

Khuong and Anna had started the school year at Mrachek Middle School in the same Honors 6th Grade Math class. After one day, Anna transferred into a different math course, but couldn't forget how cute Khuong was with his spiky hair. Her crush on him happened during that time, but it was middle school so nothing could happen then... right?

High School Love...

10th Grade

After years of not sharing classes, Khuong and Anna finally shared an off period and would hang out at a table with a few friends. Anna's crush on Khuong resurfaced and she tried to make it as obvious as possible. Head on shoulders, messaging him randomly, even taking and wearing his hoodies. Alas, Khuong was oblivious to all efforts and nothing happened. It was only a year later after Anna was unavailable before he realized that she had a crush on him during 3rd period in their Sophomore year.

Meeting Again

A Few First Dates

On Anna's 21st birthday, Khuong messaged her "Happy Birthday!" Anna was hesitant to reply, but did so anyways. It wasn't long before Anna caught feelings for a third time. She finally got the courage to call him and asked him to the Waltz Night. He didn't pick the phone call at first but made sure to quickly return the call. Both were nervous for their first date, but had a wonderful time waltzing the night away. On their second date, the nerves started disappearing and it was peaceful. Sitting in the car at the drive-in theater, they talked about everything life had to offer them. That was when they knew, this relationship could be something more than a few first dates.

The Proposal

August 31st, 2023

After 4 years together, Khuong asked if Anna wanted to recreate their first date and go to a Waltz Night. She said yes and found a Waltzing event in Boulder. Little did she know, Khuong had been planning for a few months now to propose to her. Instead of taking her to the Waltz Night, he took her to the mountains where they danced in private. Anna almost ruined her own surprise by spotting a camera that she assumed was someone taking a timelapse of the sunset. Not wanting to be a bother, she wanted to leave but Khuong insisted that it was okay to stay. After a few minutes of dancing, he got on one knee and the tears started to flow. Both of them are excited to take the next step in their journey as husband and wife. They are excited to share this experience with you in Denver, CO on March 23, 2024!

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