Kendall & Jakob


We're getting married!


Kendall Isola


Jakob Doxey

February 24, 2024

Houston, TX
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How We Met

Kendall and I met in the Fall of 2019 at my housewarming in East Downtown. I'll never forget her first words to me: "So whose house is this anyways?". After years of both being at University of Houston and hanging out with the same friends, we had finally met. In classic 'Jakob has had one too many drinks' fashion, I started playing the college-kid favorite, 'Kickstart My Heart," much to the dismay of everyone in the house. Kendall, however, made the slightest suggestion that she liked the song, so she had my phone, the password, and the keys to just about everything I owned within minutes. That was about all I remembered from that night. I woke up the next morning hurting in the worst of ways, so I called Nico Reyes to take me to Whataburger (this trick never failed). However, this morning, he had a better offer! Ali Nix was having a birthday brunch that Nico promised he'd be at. Still needing food, I tagged along, only to find this excellent looking Italian girl in a Lady Gaga-esqe wig that I had met the night before. After brunch, Nico and I found our way to the famous Huldy House to hangout, where Kendall was living at the time, and where I quickly realized I actually did not know how to get this girl's phone number. In the heat of the moment, instead of asking her for her phone number, I just gave her mine (panic). When she hadn't texted me right away, I got her number from Nico, and texted her myself (I couldn't wait any longer). Somehow, through this and falling down her stairs before our first date she gave me a chance, and from that moment I knew we would end up here!