Its the final count down! We can't wait to seeing celebrate with you!
Its the final count down! We can't wait to seeing celebrate with you!

Keria + Chizom


A Meeting of the Minds









October 21


Our Love Story

This story begins in the Fall of 2015 when two Stetson Law students - Chizom, who was in his second year, and Keria, an incoming first-year student - saw each other from across the room at a party. From the moment they noticed each other, both were sure there was something special about the other drawing them in; a tacit but special connection. After some not-so-subtle matchmaking on the part of a friend, the pair went from mutual admiration at a distance to texting each other near constantly. They bonded quickly over shared tastes in music, a love of good food, and their mutual aversion to the seriousness of law school. Soon the pair went from hanging out only occasionally to being with the other for several hours every day – sometimes missing class because, let's face it, Civil Procedure and Professional Responsibility lectures were never going to be as exhilarating as the other's company. In the years since they met, their relationship has continued to evolve. The pair supported each other through their darkest days and celebrated their greatest successes. Over time, Keria found it hard to go a day without Chizom's clever wit, expansive vocabulary, and subtle kindness. Likewise, Chizom grew to adore Keria's warm selflessness, ingenuity, and sarcastic humor (and of course her indisputable beauty).

The Offer + Acceptance

July 31, 2021

Chizom proposed after a private afternoon boat cruise. As the boat approached the dock, he presented Keria with a carefully crafted ring and a heartfelt speech. Upon returning home Keria was even more surprised to find out that Chizom had arranged a surprise engagement dinner with their close friends and family.

What is a "Meeting of the Minds" Anyway?

The wedding theme has two distinct sources. One is a little nerdy, and the other a little nostalgic: On the nerdy side, "meeting of the minds" (also referred to as mutual agreement or mutual assent) is a phrase in contract law used to describe the intentions of the parties forming the contract. Additionally, Keria and Chizom have an uncanny habit of thinking and saying the same random thing simultaneously. In fact, as a result of one such occurrence early on in their relationship, the following texts were exchanged: Keria: "You know what they say about great minds..." Chizom: "They take over the world together." And so, these two great minds have decided to enter into a marriage contract bringing us to A Meeting of the Minds 2023 We can't wait to share this special day with you all!

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