Jahneice & William


William Campbell


Jahneice Daniels

July 5, 2024

Houston, TX
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Our love story

We met late march 2021 via Facebook dating. We exchanged numbers and had wonderful conversations, FaceTime calls, and exchanging of texts.We decided to meet each other face to face…. I didn’t want to meet him alone so we set up to meet at the now matron of honors house ( T- money & Josh ). It was a great night and the vibes were there. The very next day Willam lost his phone and didn’t have a way to contact me. We made plans to have our official first date and he didn’t want me to think he stood me up…. Soooo, He drove all the way to my cousins house (scared her half to dead lol) to ask her to tell me his phone was lost but he would still be at my house to pick me up at the time we set for our date. (Your probably thinking He’s sooo sweeet, I know right !!!)Once we went on that date we started to spend time together, and then when we we’re comfortable let our children get familiar with one another. Since then we’ve been inseparable!…. Engagement: We went on a mini getaway to New Orleans for the weekend to relax and have some quality time (so I thought)…. The weekend was great. We went to eat that morning, shopping, site seeing and exploring the city. We made plans to have a nice dinner that evening. We go to the room to get ready for the night… I’m getting myself together to leave unbeknownst to me he’s preparing for the proposal. After being held hostage in the bathroom for 30 mins lol on Saturday March 11,2023 William asked me to marry him and of course I said YES!!! I can’t wait to Marry this guy ❤️