Jahmillah & Eduardo


A Celebration of love

Eduardo St Paul Popo


Jahmillah St Paul Popo


April 21, 2024

Katy, TX
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Our Story Team EJ

A Match made by the US Army

Eduardo and Jahmillah met at Ft Carson, Colorado in 2014. Millah was having a hard time with PT (physical training), and was told Sergeant Popo would be able to help. After laughing at her horrendous pushups and giving her pointers to help her form, the two talked and realized they had much in common. As they are both family oriented and share cultural similarities. Eddie hails from the beautiful island of St Lucia while Millah proudly represents her Panamanian Heritage. An instantaneous friendship was formed. Comprised of laughter, trust, adventure and excitement. They became inseparable. Millah and Eddie spent many weekends hiking, dancing Salsa & Bachata, trying new restaurants, and exploring the surrounding area of Colorado Springs. After a little more than a year after Millah's arrival, their entire unit would be reassigned to Ft Lewis, Washington. It was then, that they decided to pursue their undeniable (and very obvious) attraction for one another. They fell in love with Seattle, and each other simultaneously. It didn't take long to realize that a everlasting bond had been forged. Eddie was very involved and attentive to Kahleel and his needs. To include his new diagnosis of Autism. They navigated the uncharted territory together and provided Kahleel with the resources needed to be successful. He proved himself to be a family man and joined the fold quite seamlessly. Jahmillah was very supportive of Eduardo's career in the Army and later became a stay at home mom to further support the needs of their family. Eddie was so sure of the relationship that he asked for her hand in marriage on thanksgiving day to Jahmillah's mom, dad, and step mother. It wasn't an easy feat, but Eddie was more than confident, and certain of his love for Jahmillah and Kahleel. Her parents saw that, and a unanimous yes was given. Eddie was welcomed with open arms. After Millah's 6 years of honorable service to the US Army and Eddie's deployment to Iraq. The pair eloped in 2017. After a short stent in Savannah, Eddie was assigned to Ft Eustis as an instructor in 2019, and the family moved to Toano, Virginia were they purchased their first home. After some time they decided to expand their family, and in 2021 they welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Laila-Marie. Just one year after the birth of their daughter, Eddie was assigned to Camp Humphreys In Korea. This assignment meant he would have to leave his family for one year, and is set to return in November 2023. There has been many moments of joy for the couple and much to be proud of. However as husband and wife they have been met with life challenges to include; 2 deployments, 3 moves, the loss of loved ones, and a global pandemic. Although this is not a milestone year, the two don't want to wait another minute to honor their commitment to one another and their love for their children. Together, they realize there is never a "right time" you just have to make time, by celebrating, and giving thanks for the blessings in front of you. Now is the moment to do just that! With the lord leading their every step, and the support of their families, this couple has is very proud of the life they've created and the love they share. Please join us as we celebrate 7 wonderful years of marriage. Eddie and Millah are FINALLY having the wedding of their (her lol) dreams! “I have found the one whom my soul loves.” Song of Solomon 3:4

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