September 15, 2018
Riviera Maya, Mexico

Damon & Jacqueline



Jacqueline Wright


Damon Fennell


Riviera Maya


September 15


How We Met

#ForeverFennell2018 #WrightdowntheAisletoFennell

Her Story... It was a typical night downtown with my roommate and friends having fun. We went to our favorite hangout spot, Hi-5 (RIP). We were all on the dance floor and I saw this purple blur pass by. It was Damon dancing. After a night of dancing, his group of friends and my group of friends met outside and started chatting. Surprisingly, he introduced himself to me. Anyone that knows Damon, knows that he can come off as rather shy but not that night! We began talking casually and somehow he got my number and he added me on Facebook. I remember him saying, "Don't ignore me if I hit you up on Facebook!" I told him that I wouldn't but I surely wasn't expecting anything more than a new Facebook friend and someone to text if we were going out. My friends and I finally made it home and randomly I got a text but it wasn't from Damon. It was from Damon's friend. The next day, I called Damon with a straight attitude because I assumed that he gave his friend my number. He began stuttering assuring me that his friend went through his phone while he was sleep. Three hours later, he asked me out to lunch and the rest is history! His Story... From what I remember, it was the end of the night after partying. I saw Jacqueline sitting on the brick wall so I went over thinking to myself "Let me see if my mack daddy game is still on point." So I went over there and introduced myself. I asked her for her Facebook and we exchanged phone numbers. I left and I passed out in my friend's car. The next day, my phone rang and I picked it up. All I heard was someone fussing! She was mad because my friend texted her and she thought I gave him her number. I apologized and asked her out to eat. We went out to eat and talked for a while. When we came out of the mall I heard someone behind me singing "Who's that Lady!" It was my favorite cousin and my father. In a matter of two hours she had already met my father. My father approved immediately. After that, the rest is history.

The Proposal

December 30, 2016

Since it was around the holidays, it was pretty typical for our best friends, Danielle and Lyn, to come in town from Colorado and plan a get together for all of our friends to catch up and enjoy the holiday season. Little did I know, this get together was not typical! Prior to her arriving in NC, Danielle told me to check out and reserve Nantucket Grill to make sure it could accommodate everyone. Everything looked good so I placed a deposit on the space. On the day of the engagement, Damon was adamant about me "Matching His Fly" because I was planning to dress casual. We finally get to Nantucket Grill after running behind a bit and as soon as we are walking up, my friends Shantel and Shawna come busting out of the restaurant because Shantel had got into an "argument" with her boyfriend. While trying to console her, Damon and his cousin, Awkari continue to walk into the restaurant. After I calmed her down, we walk into to the restaurant and as soon as I turned the corner I immediately see balloons and the first people I see are my parents. I'm slightly confused at this point because the invitation list only included friends. As soon as I said hello to my mom and dad, I turn my head to the left and there is Damon... He was on one knee. I immediately began to cry tears of excitement and joy because the love of my life proposed in the most amazing way possible. I was over the moon after the proposal, so much that I never ate dinner! We are so thankful for the friends and family we have; both far and near that were there to support the love we share for each other!