Jacob & Kayla








July 22, 2023

Athens, GA
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Our Story

Navigators, more like never-daters.

Alright, so first, we must acknowledge that Kayla has had a crush on Jacob for 5 years (at the least). It all started on the playground in preschool. Oh wait, we're just copying Boy Meets World. Whoops. So, it actually started our freshmen year of college. Jacob had been chasing the wrong things in life and looking for validation from things that are not Christ, and he was encouraged to join a campus ministry. So, he joined the Navigators and came to know the Lord (like epignosis, not gnosis). There, upon a blustery winter night, all of the Navigators went ice skating together. Jacob was aiming to fall into Kayla's heart, but he missed and fell in front of her. This is how they met. Three years passed, and Jacob and Kayla were a part of the same friend group. Crushes came and went. Then, senior year came. Unbeknownst to both of them, the Lord was pruning their hearts for a life of friendship and ministry together. A series of small dominos fell. First, Kayla invited a few guys rock climbing. Jacob liked it and kept going. Then, Jacob and Kayla started going to the same church. After that, Kayla started going to the homeless ministry that Jacob was a part of. This is when Jacob thought "Oh wow, we're doing like everything together. Might as well keep going." The next thing you know, they're dating. But alas, it was not in our Father's timing. We spent the summer together, growing nearer to one another, but there was still work to be done. Eventually, Jacob and Kayla broke up. Two years came and went. More crushes came and went. Jacob was discipled by Chris Irwin and learned what it meant to be a man, and Kayla learned about femininity from Stephanie Atkinson. We learned from our mistakes. God was pruning and sanctifying his vessels. Then, October 31st, 2022. BABAM. REDEMPTION ARC TIME. Jacob and Kayla talked about potentially getting back together. However, we decided to follow the adage that time reveals all. We needed to see character growth and consistency. So, after a month of discernment, Jacob and Kayla got back together with the intention of marriage. God has redeemed us. God has redeemed our relationship. Through the empowerment of his grace, we are learning more of what it means to be trusting, faithful and gracious towards one another. Jacob is learning how to sacrifice his desire to do, his bedtime and his safety, and Kayla is learning how to sacrifice her anxiety, indecision, and late mornings. May we continue to learn from the vine and to grow as lovers and friends. REDEMPTION ARC TIME.