Spenser & Jaclyn

We said yes! Join us in the countdown until we say "I Do"


Jaclyn Hogancamp


Spenser Schwartz




September 23

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How we Met

I met my best friend while celebrating my bestie!

On November 16, 2019, I went to Char to celebrate Sunny's birthday. At the time, Sunny was dating a young man named Joe (they are now married!). Joe's best friend, Spenser, was also at Char that night! I met Spenser that night and we hit it off right away! When I went out that night, I was planning on celebrating my best friend's birthday... little did I know, I would meet my partner for life and forever best friend!

How we got Engaged

You're the apple of my eye

On August 23, 2021, Bear had a routine farrier appointment. Spenser insisted on coming to the appointment that morning. I was pleasantly surprised, as Spenser was actively learning more about the "horse world". Spenser even brought a bag of apples for Bear! After getting Bear out of his pasture, Spenser wanted to give Bear an apple prior to walking into the barn. We then stopped at "our tree" and instead of pulling an apple out of the bag, Spenser pulled out a ring! I said YES! Both of our parents then met us at the barn and we celebrated with a champagne toast. It was by far the best farrier appointment we have ever had!