Jackie & Ethan

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Jackie Sernek


Ethan Yoder

August 19, 2023

Swisher, IA

What Happens in Vegas…

December 2019

Ethan and Jackie both have a love for softball. Ethan has been playing slowpitch since 2012 and Jackie started playing in 2018. Jackie started getting asked to play more and more for league nights and tournaments and was picked up by a team called Sundown Bar and Grill. By 2019, both Ethan and Jackie had subbed for Sundown but never played at the same time together. They were both asked to go play Slowpitch Worlds in Las Vegas. About two weeks before heading to Vegas, Jackie offered to use Cornell’s arena for some batting practice for the team. During the first 30 minutes, one of our hitters broke a window so Jackie was busy with clean up and never realized Ethan came. Afterwards, a handful of the team went over to the local bar in Mount Vernon called Chameleons where we had dinner and a few drinks. At the end of the night, Ethan had asked Keith, our team manager, about Jackie and if she was single. Keith then agreed to look into it for Ethan. Fast forward to our first night in Las Vegas. This was a fun night as the whole team went out to karaoke and bond and walk the strip. After we had left the karaoke bar, Keith had asked Jackie what she thought of Ethan. Jackie’s reply “he has some really nice arms 😍” after that Keith ran away to tell Ethan she was attracted to him and interested. We had spent 5 days in Vegas getting to know each other, having deep conversations and enjoying each others company. On our last night, the team had went to Fremont Street (Old Vegas). Ethan bought Jackie a drink and eventually held her hand as they walked. On the way home, Ethan had kissed Jackie and they were pretty much hooked! The next morning, the team dropped Jackie at the airport because she took a separate airline and Ethan gave her a kiss and automatically asked when he could see her again. That sealed the deal and they set a date! Ever since that vacation, we have continued to play with Sundown, have supported each other in playing mens and women’s tournaments, enjoy learning and growing together as a couple, bought a house in Dec. 2020 and now looking forward to our future as Mr & Mrs Yoder!

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