Jack & Danielle


Danielle Strom


Jack Goergen

Los Angeles


October 21

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Our Story

It all started at a Cubs game during the first week of medical school. They went with a big group, but "happened" to sit next to each other (Jack made sure of that). They don't remember what they talked about, but they do remember laughing the entire time. Their first unofficial/official date was to the movie "Sausage Party," Jack had to be sure Danielle could handle the humor he grew up with, a household of four boys. She clearly passed the test. They got to know each other in their many hours at the library together; Danielle would later learn Jack much preferred to study at home and was only coming to the library to be with her. They made it official around Thanksgiving, when Danielle learned Jack had been referring to her as his girlfriend for months. They took their first road trip together at the end of their first year of med school, hiking in the Grand Canyon, Zion, and Tahoe. Danielle knew she really loved him when she didn't hate him for his VERY questionable Airbnb choices. Through the rest of medical school and in to residency, they have been each other's rocks. They have gone on increasingly epic trips together - Glacier, Banff, Belize, Puerto Rico, and Greece, to name a few. The dates have gotten a little swankier, and the accommodations more charming, but the laughter has never stopped. They couldn't love each other more. They are both looking forward to continuing their life together, and making it as official as it gets.