Ismanie & Jamey








September 3, 2023

Philadelphia, PA

How We Met

July 2022

How does any millennial meet at the tail end of a pandemic: facebook, duh. They met in person on the day that Ismanie had a dentist appointment: her face was half numb and lips were swollen from biting them because said numbness and voracious hunger. He was in a blue, short sleeved button up, hair longish and kind of fly away, black earrings: he looked dapper and he knew it. She was in a fun, patterned playsuit, blue lipstick, big hair: got called Beyonce by a random man on the street right before she walked in: she was cute and she knew it. It was an unassuming dive bar near Jamey's place, light fare, light convo, good banter. And just like that it was over. But they had left each other intrigued. So they met again... and again... and again... Until he asked her to be his girlfriend: Of course the answer was 'yes'. They proceeded to delete the hoes from their phonebooks and began their relationship. Through many transitions, stressors, loved ones illnesses and the unfortunate premature loss of a parent, they kept showing up for one another... And legend has it that they intend to keep doing that until death do they part...

The Proposal

July 2023

It had been about a year since their two hearts met, bonded and fell in love. The M word was on their minds because, heck, life is short as they both knew in some of the most tragic ways. But they had found their person in each other, so it just made sense... let's do it. One unassuming July night, Jamey had invited Ismanie out to have dinner with his sister and her partner at Laser wolf in the City of Love. After a wonderful meal and many stranger staring at Ismanie with weird smiles that were kind of freaking her out, shortly after desert came out, Jamey dropped to one knee and asked her the question: "Will you marry me?" The stares made sense now, Ismanie thought. She responded: "Of course, what took you so long?!" And they hugged and kissed and she cried because she's sensitive... and the rest is history!