Isabelle & Cory

We’re getting married!!


Cory Thomason


Isabelle Sears

September 2, 2023

South Lake Tahoe, CA
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How We Met

August 2017

We met our first week in college at a KU brother and sister scholarship hall dinner. Our friendship grew during our freshman year. We had our first date the following August after hanging out together every night of the first week of school.

The Proposal

December 25th, 2021

Christmas morning, while opening presents with family, Isabelle grabbed the last present from under the tree. It was a huge box containing a series of smaller boxes. Finally she reached the smallest, a little black box containing a beautiful solitaire ring. Cory then, knelt down and asked Isabelle to marry him. We all cried! It was a wonderful moment. We are so excited to share our life together and are excited to celebrate with all of you!