Alyssa & Jesse


We’re getting married!!!


Jesse Staaf


Alyssa Ingram

June 22, 2024

Kent, OH
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March 11, 2023 💍

How We Met

Summer 2019

Jesse and Alyssa met through their mutual friend, Jalen. Jalen and Alyssa had been friends since highschool and got closer during college. Jesse and Jalen met through work and hit it off as friends. One day during work, they were talking about relationships and Jalen mentioned to Jesse that he had a friend who he might be interested in. Immediately after, Jalen texted Alyssa and told her that he met someone at work who he thought she would really vibe with. Fast forward a couple of weeks and all three of them hung out. They went hiking, got ice cream and just spent the day laughing. About a week later, Jesse and Alyssa went on their first date.

Making it Official


Jesse and Alyssa dated for almost 6 months before making it official and using the terms “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”. They always felt like they were a couple, so not having the title didn’t really phase them. But after some time, it got brought up that the question had never been asked so Jesse said he would do it and make it special. One day Jesse visited Alyssa at college like he usually did. Jesse loves to cook so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for him to say he was making dinner. Alyssa typically worked on school or napped until it was ready. They had dinner like usual in her room (She had roommates) and watched something on tv. Jesse also loves sweets so after dinner he said he was ready for dessert. He went into the kitchen and came back with a plate full of cupcakes (Alyssa’s favorite sweet). On the cupcakes he had written “I 🤍 u Be my Gf?”. And obviously she said yes.

Saying I Do


I want it to be known that I had every suspicion in the world that he was going to propose when he did. The fact that my sister, Hanna, and my friend, Madison were both home from out of state at the same time was suspiciously coincidental. But then when they asked to hang out and my flakiest friend in the world, Kayla, also said she would be there, then I was convinced it was happening. I will say they did a good job of not revealing anything. On that day when I was getting ready, I noticed that Jesse wasn’t getting around for the day so I was starting to get nervous that I was wrong. Hanna got to my house and we left to pick up Kayla with the plan being to meet Madison in Cleveland. I didn’t realize that Hanna and Kayla were stalling for time when Kayla took her good ole time coming outside (this is very typical behavior) or when they insisted we stop at Family Dollar so they could get Madison mascara (she had asked me to bring one and I immediately forgot). We then drove to Cleveland where we were supposed to meet Madison for dinner. We walked into the Arcade and as I was walking up the steps I noticed Jesse standing at the top. I was incredibly shocked and confused because I had no idea how he got completely ready and beat us there. I was so surprised and honestly don’t remember anything he said except “will you marry me?”. It was the happiest day of our lives and we are so excited for life together as husband and wife 🤍

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