Amy & Christian

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Leaves and LightsLeaves and Lights

Christian Guillaume


Amy Nuttall


September 29, 2023

Brooklyn, NY

How We Met

A multi-part story!

The story goes that the first meeting took place in the Youth Center of 180 Livingston Street, when Christian tried to play bass for the Brooklyn Tabernacle's young adult service one Friday night... and Amy (who was in charge of the worship team) said no. Amy has no remembrance of this, but Christian insists it happened ;-). Christian would occasionally play for various services and retreats that Amy would oversee, and he became the "go-to guy" whenever a ministry musician was needed. He became known as "Lifesaver" because he was always saving the day at the last-minute whenever someone was needed to fill in. In 2019, Christian and Amy were both ministering at a BT KIDS retreat and Amy felt strongly (and secretly) that Christian was going to be extremely important in this next stage of ministry. She began to pray that somehow God would make a way for him to become one of the ministry's permanent musicians. A few months later, due to a wild series of circumstances, Christian became the permanent drummer for BT KIDS and started working closely with Amy on multiple big projects. Cue a global pandemic. When the world shut down and BT KIDS moved online, Amy needed a 'home base' where she could run and produce her Zoom services - and Christian offered his music studio. This led to a long season of the two of them working closely together to produce those online services... and where they got to know each other much more deeply. By 2022, the two had started a relationship to see if the Lord would lead them toward marriage, and in June 2023 Christian proposed!

The Proposal


Christian had decided that he would propose onstage during the 12PM Brooklyn Tabernacle service on June 18, 2023. Amy is usually across the street at BT KIDS on Sundays, but the pastors (who were in on it!) asked Amy to come across to the main sanctuary and give a report about the recent BT KIDS retreat. After giving the report at the 12PM service, Christian took a microphone and called Amy back to the stage as she was getting ready to leave, saying that he "just wanted to say something to his girlfriend real quick." The congregation went wild and Amy quickly realized what was happening! Christian made a beautiful proposal, saying that "there was no one else that he would rather chase after God with than her." SHE SAID YES!

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