Imani & Liam


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Foster Jr.




June 24, 2023

Detroit, MI

How We Met-Imani's Perspective

We met at the same gas station we both have been going to our entire lives--exactly when we were supposed to. He got my attention by pumping my gas, and he told me then and there that I was the person he had been waiting on... for some reason I believed him. It was my last day of spring break during my freshman year in college, which meant we mostly got to know each other over the phone the first year, but after spending an entire pandemic together, traveling the country together, and starting to see our lives intertwine, it was clear he meant what he told me when we met. Four years later and he's done nothing but prove that to me time and time again.

How We Met--Liam's Perspective

It was a normal day with my cousin Eric. We went to the gas station that we typically go to, and honestly there were a bunch of women in there. I had to make a choice in that moment--there was a easy to get hoochie in the store that was in reach, but then my wife walked in. I saw her in her yoga pants and crop top and decided that she was the one for me. So I went outside while my cousin pumped his gas, and when I saw her come out the store I offered to pump her gas. She said yes, and she's never had to pump gas since then.

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