Sarah & Ryan


We're Getting Married!


Ryan Calik


Sarah Rhodes

Round Rock


December 9

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How We Met

First comes school, then comes marriage

We were both in band together in the percussion section. He was a year younger, so I didn't really start getting to know him until the end of his freshman year. We quickly became the bestest of friends and after a year he asked me out. I said "no way" but then everything changed for me during one of our home football games in the stands. Soon afterwards I asked him out and we have been together ever since! Crazy to think how six years flies by as we were working on our academic and career goals!

How He Proposed

A very special dol-friend

While I knew that he was planning to propose on his trip to San Antonio to visit me, I had no idea how or when. I knew that we were going to the Riverwalk, doing a dolphin swim, and going to see Gabriel Iglesias perform. I worked at Discovery Point at Seaworld San Antonio, so I knew all of the dolphins and trainers well; this meant that our dolphin swim was going to be a little bit different. We got very lucky and had an entire group to ourselves with Yoyo the dolphin. Yoyo is my absolute favorite, so Ryan had asked my coworkers to have her be the dolphin doing our swim. Our entire program went swimmingly, but our trainer called us over to do some last photos before we got out of the water. That is when Brady (another favorite dolphin of mine) swam over holding a bouy that said "Will you marry me?". I was totally surprised because Ryan did a really good job keeping everything a secret (with the help of my roommate Kristin who also worked at Discovery Point). I will forever be grateful that my work family and favorite dolphins were able to be there for the special moment!

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