Abbey Rose & Joshua

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Joshua Lincoln Humberston


Abbey Rose Tedford

September 21, 2024

Durham, NH
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How we met

Back in early Covid

Josh and Abbey Rose first met on a dating website and had a few local adventures in early spring, but Josh soon finished his PhD and went on a road trip with his friend to explore a bit. He landed in North Carolina for his job. Meanwhile, Abbey Rose continued on her own adventures, and completed a wilderness medical course up in the White Mountains. The universe conspired to lead Abbey Rose and another PA, Ellen, to sit star gazing after a rough days work. Through various connections, they realized they both knew Josh. Ellen is the tall man's sister. They reconnected from afar. Josh and Abbey Rose started skiing together over that winter and became good friends. Josh continued his work to get back to NH and eventually happily packed everything he owned into Allen, his Rav4 (RIP), and journeyed north. That is, with Shae's blessing, of course. They have been adventuring ever since.

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