Takila & Paul



Paul Hubert


Takila Ellison


June 17, 2023

Chattanooga, TN

The Proposal May 8, 2022

How We Met

Together for 6 years...set to wed this June, Takila and Paul currently reside in Chattanooga,Tennessee. (As told by a close friend and bridesmaid) Bride to be Takila grew up in Toledo, Ohio while groom, Paul, grew up in Ooltewah, TN. However, being from two completely different areas of the globe failed to stop these two hearts from intertwining as one. In May of 2017, the darling couple met casually while working for a national employer as Takila attended a career training class in Ooltewah, TN that was coincidentally at Paul's location. A training that was set for two weeks turned into a lifetime of friendship and love for the happy couple as Paul could not resist the beautiful and strong willed young lady (Takila). She was smitten by Paul and the two engaged in harmless lunches for the duration of Takila's training and stayed close friends as Takila traveled back to Toledo, Ohio. The friendship soon turned into a long distance relationship as the couple made frequent trips to visit one another, he traveling to Toledo, she, to Ooltewah. As their bond strengthened the couple fell in love and decided it best for Takila to move to Tennessee, the rest is history... Since relocating, Takila and Paul have established a precious family: Peyton(3), Roman (1) and Dominique (11). After several months of careful planning, in May of 2022, like a prefect gentleman, the groom popped the question in front of close friends and family and she of course, said YES! Save the date...The Seventeenth day of June, two thousand and twenty three...

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