Joshua & Brianna


Joshua Houk


Brianna Mendez

November 4, 2023

Buckeye, AZ
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Our Story

November 4th, 2023

Baskin-Robbins, Taco-Bell, pine cones, and go-kart racing, that's how this all started. Josh and Bri first met when they were 17 and 18 in 2013. Josh was new to AZ but the summer after Bri graduated high school Josh was there for her during a tough time. During those blazing Arizona summer nights they would switch from hanging out at Taco-Bell to Baskin-Robbins laughing, crying and talking about life. That fall, Bri went to college and Josh visited her on campus quite a few times. During that next year they took a group trip to Flagstaff, AZ where they visited her brother and ran across a rail road track with an incoming train. Bri's brother was NOT happy about that. Young, wild and free. During that trip they visited Earthbound, a shopping store in down town Flag. Bri saw several things she loved, a dragonfly necklace and a set of a sun-n-moon wine glasses but she was a broke college girl. Feelings started to develop, shortly after that trip Bri mentioned how she forgot to get pinecones for a DIY project so Josh made it his mission to visit Flagstaff again to get those pinecones two weeks later. While he was there he also picked up the dragon fly necklace and the wine glasses to surprise Bri. She wasn't ready to settle down though, therefore, not much came from it even though they both had interest. Right person, wrong time? Not long after Josh planned a "hang out" where they both went go-kart racing and played glow in the dark mini-golf. They both had a blast and the sparks commenced. Later that night back at her dorm, Bri really wanted Josh to kiss her but her roommate walked in so it didn't happen. Josh left that night. As days started to go by and time started to pass they both began to live their lives separately. Come holidays, they would send "happy holiday texts" but life already had them pursuing different paths. With five years behind them they reconnected in the beginning of 2020, old friends curious about one another. Reminiscing on the things they did together as teenagers, feelings came back to life and Josh decided to visit Bri in Arizona. Summer of 2020 didn't see many people so they felt it was perfect social distancing to meet at Lake Pleasant to enjoy the sun and some tequila. Boy were they right. Mellow Mushroom pizza never tasted so good and became one of their favorite chains. Over those next couple years they went on frequent FaceTime dates because of long distance and their own personal goals kept it that way. Until they began visiting each other in person... Sedona, Flagstaff, Sarasota, Tampa, Dallas, and Tennessee. A long the way they experience a break up or two because they didn't know where life was taking them. At this point, they both have been on a lot of planes and trying to navigate what a long distance relationship is. Until they realized it was going to take a big jump and a leap to move to the next step. January 2022, Bri accepted a position within her company to move to Atlanta, GA. That same month Josh accepted a new position in Chattanooga, TN. Still chasing their careers but wanting each other they committed to making it work. They didn't know how or when but come August 2022 they moved in together. November 2nd, 2022 Josh asked Bri to marry him. Now they live whole heartedly in Cartersville, GA with their two dogs and bird. Enjoying the Red Top Mountain lake, lushes trees and each other. Thank you for being apart of our journey. If you are reading this, it is because you have impacted our lives in one way or another. We are thankful and extraordinarily exited to share our wedding day with you!