August 20, 2022
Rochester, NY

Love Is Brewing

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Sarah Stanislow

Maid of Honor

Sarah and Marissa have been best friends for 10+ years! They met for the first time at Gallaudet Volleyball Camp (even though they came from Rochester) but they didn't become friends till high school through RIT Volleyball Camp. Volleyball surely brought them together as they are meant to be! ;)

Zane Howell

Best Man

Chad and Zane went back to middle school at Texas School for the Deaf then became college roommates for 4 years! Chad and Zane are infamous for their endless stories (Marissa listened to plenty of pointless stories! ;P)

Alosha Cerney


Alosha and Marissa went back to 9th grade and have been friends ever since! There were a lot of jokes and pranks between them through those years!

Natasha Hill


Natasha and Chad met at RIT's Open House when they were seniors in High School and became friends ever since!

Ava Woodruff

Flower Girl

Ava is Marissa's one and only niece... When you see Ava, you'll know she got her gene from the Woodruff family. ;)