Hope & Timothy

Forever Awaits








October 28, 2023

Columbia, SC
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Our Story

Tim and Hope met while rehearsing for the John Lakin and Friends Choir. Every Monday night Hope entered and exited rehearsals each week with no idea that she would meet the man God had kept for her. One night during rehearsal Tim noticed Hope and thought to himself "Who is that?!" but as soon as rehearsal was over Hope sped out of church before Tim could catch her name. After weeks of failed attempts to meet her, Tim decided to search through the choir group chat until he found her. As soon as he did he slid into the DM's. Hours on the phone turned into dates that neither of them wanted to end.

The Proposal

Tim being a musician was called to play for Hope's church on January 1, 2023. As the service progressed Hope noticed some of Tim's church family entering the building. Hope looked over confused, but pushed questions aside thinking they joined services due to it being a holiday. As services came to a close, Hope's Pastor stated that there was one more announcement. As the whole church sat waiting for the announcement Tim sat back knowing what was to come! The music began to play and immediately Hope knew today was the day. As Forever" by PJ Morton and India.Arie filled the room,tears filled Hope's eyes. When the video came to a close Tim asked the million dollar question "Will you marry me?”