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We said yes! Join us in the countdown until we say "I do." Find all the details you need to know about our big day here.


David Slay


Holly Tillinger



March 30


Our Story


We actually first met in high school. He played football and I was the team manager. We had alot of the same friends but I actually did not like him. We didn't talk much in school because he was 2 grades younger than me. A few years after high school though our same friend group started hanging again and we ran into each other. He happened to live in Lake Alfred like I did so I would take him home after the nights were over. One of the first times I took him home, we sat and talked for four hours straight. No awkward pauses, no looking for the next topic. The conversation just flowed. We continued like that, hanging out with the group and then one on one, for a few years. Eventually it became just us. We'd see each other everyday and really got to know each other. We made it official and started dating on March 31st, 2020. About a year later on February 14th, 2021 we moved in together. We have my dog Kimber and now two kittens, Storm and Shadow. David proposed on February 14th, 2023 on this beautiful dock we used to visit together. We can't wait to be married and grow our family!

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