Cassandra & Douglas

“We’re getting married!”


Cassandra Hirtreiter


Douglas Hickman


October 19, 2023

Walland, TN
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What I thought was going to be a scenic drive through the most beautiful 11 miles of Cades Cove turned into a beautiful proposal. After our trip to Tennessee over the summer I told Doug about this church in Cades Cove that has so much character that I always like to stop at. Showed him some photos online and we both thought it would be cool to be married in front of a little white church. So when I saw this particular church I told him we had to stop so we could walk around and I could show him around. We looked inside the church and walked through the path in cemetery. As we were getting ready to leave he asks for a picture together and to use my phone as I have the better camera. I hand my phone to my sister Nicole and before I know it he is down on one knee asking me to marry him. The most beautiful proposal to the most wonderful person I could ever imagine being with. We are simply blessed.