Hira & Jonathan


We're getting married!


Jonathan Mendez


Hira Sadiq

July 5 - 6, 2024

Rocklin, CA
274 days274 d19 hours19 h56 minutes56 min53 seconds53 s

How We Met

First comes food, then comes love.

Believe it or not - Hira was Jonathan's waitress at El Coqui in Santa Rosa, the only Puerto-Rican restaurant in town. Jonathan came in with his jokester personality, nice and early before the restaurant opened, and Hira was not having it so she sends him packing. An hour passes, and Jonathan returns back when the restaurant is actually open with a bright smile and contagious energy. After some eye contact and the occasional passing smile, Jonathan's meal finished and he left, a year passed where Hira embarked on solo travels to Peru and Jonathan navigated a move from New Jersey to California. When the following year arrives and Hira is back serving in the restaurant, she hears a familiar voice with that same bright smile and contagious energy who had become a regular in the passing year and left a mark on her heart. This time, Jonathan was relentless! He wouldn't settle till he took Hira out dancing, but again - Hira was not having it. Eventually, upon a turned down offer for dessert, some snarky remarks and exchange for homemade flan on Jonathan's end, Hira gave her number to the boy who stole her heart from there. Flash forward 7.5 years, and the two are getting married! We are so excited to see you all there to share in our very special day. Xoxo, Hira and Jonathan

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