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Andrew Sun


Jennifer Hill


October 7, 2023

Bridgeport, PA

Our story

It all started with an oil change…

In late October 2017, Jennifer walked into Fred Beans Volkswagen to get an oil change. While she was there, she thought she’d talk to someone about potentially getting a new lease. When she asked for Anthony, the person who sold her current car, she was told he was off that day. Instead, they handed her off to a different salesperson, Andrew. Andrew helped Jennifer out with trading her lease in for a new Jetta. While the shop was getting the new car ready for delivery, they got to talking and found they had a major shared interest in service and non-profit work. Jennifer had been working for several years at Ten Thousand Villages, a fair-trade nonprofit featuring handcrafted items from artisans in developing countries. Andrew had participated in AmeriCorps VISTA, along with having spent a couple years studying modern day slavery in graduate school. They continued chatting earnestly during the time it took for the new Jetta to be ready. Before she left, Andrew asked her if she wanted to go out for a drink sometime at a local spot: Taphouse 23 in Bridgeport, PA. That is where they had their first date; 6 years later they will have their wedding reception in that same restaurant. ********************** While Jennifer and Andrew will be sharing an intimate ceremony in September on Cape Cod with just immediate family, they can’t wait to celebrate with all of you during their reception in Bridgeport, PA!

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