Hillary & Brandon


Hillary Suzanne Burgess


Brandon Scott Barrett


October 29, 2023

Windham, NH
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Our fairytale beginning

From a castle in Texas to one in New England

Rackspace HQ, known as "The Castle" because of its size and location in the San Antonio suburb of Windcrest, was where the story began. Though both Hillary and Brandon were in sales, their paths had never crossed in the year and a half that they'd both been Rackers. Hillary was the queen of cultural participation -- any competition, panel, board, or random opportunity to perform, dress up, mix, or mingle, she was there. Brandon was not... until one fateful day in October 2017 when his colleagues in Acquisition Sales put out a desperate call. Eight were needed to compete in the company's prestigious and cut-throat annual dodgeball tourney... and they were but seven. Brandon rose to the occasion, leading his team to six straight losses, and in the process winning the heart of the Girl in the Golden Bodysuit, aka Hillary Burgess.