Hilary & Christian

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

We have elected to not have a wedding party because everyone in attendance is important to us, but here are some of the key players.

Hilary Perkins


Hilary was born and raised in Colorado. She joined the Air Force right after high school and is still serving today. In her spare time, she enjoys doing cross-stitch and needlepoint or relaxing with her cat, Freya.

Christian Castro-Diaz


Christian was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He completed ROTC and commissions in the Air Force. Christian enjoys sports, but baseball is his favorite. Outside of work, he enjoys crossfit and spending time with his Golden Retriever, Riley. Fun Fact... Christian is just like a Golden Retriever.

Luke Perkins

Father of the Bride

Hilary has definitely always been described as a daddy's girl. Luke passed away a little over two years ago from his battle with cancer. Although he never got to meet Christian, he would have loved him. Luke's brother, Jim will be doing the honor of walking Hilary down the aisle.

Luis Olmeda

Father of the Groom

Luis has been in Christian's life since he was a teenager, he helped him find passion for sports and guided him to join ROTC. He is one of Christian's pillars and motivators in life.

Leslie Perkins

Mother of the Bride

Leslie and Hilary are very close. She has been a rock for all of children, even as we have transitioned into being adults.

Ilia Diaz

Mother of the Groom

Ilia is another pillar in Christian's life. She is described by Christian as a warrior and head of the house. She's very compassionate and loving, which are things that were passed along to Christian that called Hilary's attention almost immediately.

Caleb Perkins


Caleb is Hilary's brother and will be performing the Wedding Ceremony. He has guided and supported Hilary through many challenges throughout her adult life, including encouraging her to join the Air Force.