Our wedding:


Marilyn Herrera


Dalila Flores


May 18, 2024

New York, NY

Our Story

Our story begins in 2019 at a bottomless brunch in New York City. We both were instantly drawn to each other the day we met. As soon as Dalila stepped into the restaurant, we shared a glance and knew this was going to be a good time. I couldn’t believe how interesting I found the Miami girl with white hair and a single dimple. Dalila was pleasantly surprised that not only was I her physical type but I had an easy time making her laugh and keeping up with he Spanglish banters. However, I did have Dalila quite worried for the first 20 minutes where I appeared nervous. Looking back, Dalila recognizes that’s just how I get when I’m hungry and after my pasta arrived, the conversation and mimosas kept flowing. We dated for a few months, started to fall for each other and instead of Uhauling like traditional lesbians, we broke things off. It’s the best bad decision we ever made. Time apart only convinced us that we were meant to be. Skip to us moving in and starting our lives together as parents to the best 11 year old fur baby, Oliver. Seeing Dalila embrace my family as her own, share Oliver with me, and make our humble apartment a beautiful home just proved to me what I already knew in 2019. “She’s my person” So this year, after a bottomless brunch in the city that brought back some close memories, I couldn’t take one more second of just calling Dalila my girlfriend. I proceeded to fake needing to pee behind a bush. Without a thought, Dalila covered me when I bent over. (A true Ride or Die) When she turned around, I was on one knee with a ring asking her to be my fiancé. She said yes, we both cried, and she proceeded to take some pumps from her inhaler. I’d like to say I took her breathe away! Well since then, we have planned a wedding that will bring both our worlds together. We are beyond excited to share our union with our most intimate friends and family.

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