McKenzie & Joshua


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Joshua Rork


McKenzie Hendry

December 8, 2023

Anderson, IN

How We Met

First comes school, then comes marriage

We met attending Speedway Senior High School. McKenzie was a freshman, while Joshua was a sophomore that just transferred to Speedway. Needleless to say, we both caught each others eye. We dated for almost a year and split going our separate ways. McKenzie went to further her education at Indiana State University. Joshua went on to join the United States Army. Late 2018 contact between us resumed and seemed to pick up where things left but that was short lasting. Mid summer in 2019 we both contacted each other and later that fall were officially an item

Where We Are Now

The "Untraditional" Way

We have been officially engaged since October of 2020. We decided to have a church vow ceremony in April of 2022. This was to show the we were willing to take our roles seriously under God as our witness. We have truly acted as husband and wife since then and continue that to this day. We welcomed our beautiful son into the world in early 2021. We now are on paths with are current careers and are looking forward to the future!

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