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Heidi Chamula

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September 6, 2024

Chicago, IL
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How We Met

August 10, 2018

Navin came from Worcester, MA to Philly one weekend to visit one of his best friends, Samir, who also happened to be in the same Internal Medicine residency as Heidi at the time. Samir messaged the resident group chat asking if anyone wanted to hang out that night. Everyone met up in Fishtown (one of Philly's neighborhoods where Heidi and Navin now live) and Heidi and Navin hit it off pretty quickly. They chatted and joked most of the night, and at the end of the night, Navin asked for Heidi's number. Heidi was pretty busy with her ICU rotation at the time so when Navin texted her to hang out the next day, she gave him some Philly recommendations but politely declined. After that weekend Navin went back to Worcester where he was in anesthesia residency at UMass Hospital. Despite being 200+ miles apart and pretty busy with residency, they kept in touch over the next month via text message and social media. One weekend Navin texted Heidi that he was coming back to Philly to "visit Samir." It turned out that Samir was coincidentally busy most of the weekend so Navin asked Heidi if she wanted to hang out instead. Heidi said absolutely she would, and planned a whole day out in Philly. They started off getting brunch at Heidi's favorite brunch spot, Parc Rittenhouse, and then headed to the Mutter museum, a medical museum of pathology. At the end there were different labeled buckets to return your passes. To Navin's disappointment Heidi panicked and put hers in the one labeled "bucket list" instead of the one labeled "date." Despite this little hiccup they spent the entire day together and had such a blast, Heidi went to visit Navin in Worcester a month later. He gave her one of his favorite hoodies and the rest is history! (Navin has since reclaimed his hoodie)

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