Heather & Michael


Heather Kipniss


Michael McFadden

March 25, 2023

Tampa, FL

How We Met

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If you ask Mike, you will get a different made up story each time of how we met - something along the lines of the produce section at the grocery store or him hitting his golf ball in the wrong fairway and colliding in to Heather. The truth is, they met on a dating app, Hinge. Yes Grandma, the kids are doing that these days.

First Date


After exchanging texts for a few days, Mike had cleared off his Saturday to take Heather out for their first date. However, Heather bailed on Mike last minute for "better plans" as her friends were having a day party that she didn't want to miss. Mike took this as bad news and left Heather hanging without response for the next several days. She eventually tried one more time and Mike said he was going to TopGolf with his roommate and asked Heather if she wanted to join and bring a friend. This sounded like a fun experiment to Heather and her friend, so they went. Heather could not say it was "love at first" especially after having to witness Mike's golf swing, however they did hit it off and decided it was a connection worth exploring.

The Proposal

She Said Yes

As Heather and Mike talked about their future plans she made it clear to him that he first, had to wait until she finished graduate school and second, that he asked for the blessing from her parents before getting down on one knee. Low and behold, Mike popped the question 30 minutes after Heather's graduation - which worked out perfectly that Heather was all dolled-up, wearing white, and her nails were done. He had also taken a secret solo trip back to her home in Georgia a few weeks prior to ask her parents for her hand in marriage. Many details came together that kept Heather from having absolutely any idea that he was proposing when he pulled out a ring on the beach at sunset in the exact place they had their first real date. It was perfect!