Heather & John Paul


We know, we know, about time!

John Paul Belluscio


Heather Alinson

How it all began

I’ll take one of those!

It was late May 2014 and Heather was working a really warm day and had a party on the patio she was serving. John Paul and some of his work buddies came in, got some beers and sat out on the patio. Both of us had notice each other in the restaurant before but had no contact. This time was different John Paul’s friends told him he needed to say something to the girl he’d pointed out to them. So as Heather was stressing and running around and with a tray full of drinks John Paul yelled out to her, I’ll take one of those! In true Heather fashion, she got sassy and responded, one of what? John Paul said a drink and said whatever Heather would bring him. So she dropped off her tables drinks, got an attitude with John Paul’s server and brought him a coke but he wasn’t at the table. That’s when his friend Dusty told Heather John Paul was going to be heart broken. He was looking for a way to get her attention to talk to her. So Heather finished taking care of her tables, apologized to his server, and when she got a moment went to talk to John Paul. Would you believe the first thing he said was criticizing her for the coke instead of water since he was drinking a beer?! Real smooth bud. He stayed until closing, was charming and cute and had a gorgeous smile. Heather took a chance and gave him her number. John Paul had told his friends while he noticed heather working that he was going to marry her. We may have been a little untraditional but Heather gained a bonus son named Cameron, we had a baby named Cianna and added a couple fur babes Rambo and Charlie, and now are finally officially becoming the Belluscio’s.

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