Ashley & Willie








September 23, 2023

Jasper, AL
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How we met!!!


We first met when we were kids! Never getting to know one another at that stage!!! Our families were close. So, we were around each other often. I (Ashley) don’t remember much about those times. Years later he made himself known to me. That is when I realized that I thought he was cute, but he was my brother's friend and if you know my brother that was a big no-no for me! I (willie) remember us meeting for the first time when I had come over to spend the night with her brothers. I had my first real conversation with her in 2008. We had no idea that we would stay connected all these years! We have had our ups and downs through the years and even lost touch with each other multiple times. We yo-yo in and out of each other lives! Yet we have always been drawn back to one another like magnets. We have shared a deep connection that neither one of us could deny! After going through a lot together as kids and being there for one another down through the years knowing the love that we had for each other was genuine, when we reconnected at this stage in our lives, we knew that we wanted to give us an honest try!

Popping the question


I knew I was going to pop the question to her when I got home, because I knew what god had for me was for me! so i waited for her and even though the love was there, I wanted to do it right, I understood we had to learn each other again.I had been contemplating popping the question for sometime, and in the spirit of doing it right I had to ask her dad for her hand. She was so nosey that when I ask her dad on the phone, she had been listening in. After that I went looking for the ring, I couldn't do it in secret because we are always together. she knew I had asked her dad and she knew that I had a ring at that point she knew I was going to ask!! so, I made her wait lol. one morning after waking up I put the ring on her finger and asked her to be my wife!!!!