Hayley & Collin


Collin Davies


Hayley Conway

June 16, 2023

San Diego, CA

How We Met


We went to the same middle and high school, Horizon Christian Academy. Our 7th grade year, walking down the hallways we saw each other in passing. Collin, the outgoing one, would strike up conversations and Hayley, the bashful one, would cut the conversation short. Throughout the years conversations started more and more. Fast forward to our junior year, 11th grade in 2007, Hayley got a message through AIM (AOL instant messenger) from Collin's friend that read, "Do you like Collin?" Quickly Hayley wrote back, "Yes", but was too nervous to send the message. Even more quickly, she went to erase the message. Except instead of hitting the delete key, she hit the enter key and sent the message. Later that week, Hayley received a text message from Collin, "Do you want to be my girlfriend?" She said, "Yes!” Since then our story has been filled with great memories and adventures. Today we look back and see how much we have grown together. We are truly thankful for all our friends and family that have been a part of our lives.

The Proposal


On New Years Eve 2021, Collin had planned a day full of adventures. A round of golf at Reidy Creek, shopping and lunch in Liberty Station. We enjoyed playing golf, despite it being a little busy on the course. It is rare that Collin skips holes, but he skipped quite a few holes explaining we had plans. Hayley was confused, but did not think anything of it. We went down to Liberty Station to go shopping. Minutes later, Collin said he had to go move the car. At this time, Hayley is more confused because the car was parked in a marked parking space with no time limit. She just shrugged it off and continued shopping. Several minutes later, and getting hangry, she is trying to call Collin and figure out where he is. Collin finally arrives and says he made a reservation at a restaurant and we headed out to Shelter Island. Collin drove past all the restaurants and parked near the water, explaining he had something to show her. We walked under the Pacific Portal sculpture, where Collin dropped on one knee and asked the question. Hayley didn't immediately respond as she was flabbergasted. Finally, she said, "YES!" Collin had one more surprise and drove Hayley blindfolded back to her parent's house, where both families were awaiting our arrival. Together we all ate, drank, and celebrated our engagement.

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