Jamal & Janay






August 11, 2023

Golden, CO
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Our Love Story

Her Version: 2019... What a year! I was living my best single life! I received a phone call on my way home from work that made me pull over. It was Sister Carmen Stone from church. She asked how I was doing, and if I was dating anybody. I told her no, and she proceeded to tell me that she had a dream about me and her nephew. She asked me to send her a picture and said that she would get it to him. She suggested that we chat to see if we were interested in each other. I had never experienced a "blind date," and I was excited. A few days later she sent me a picture of him. My first thought was, "Okay, he is handsome." I had never seen him before. June 1, 2019, he called me that evening. We chatted for a bit and made plans to meet on June 3rd at Dave and Busters. One of the most interesting things about our first conversation was that he grew up in the duplex that is one block away, in the same location as where I am currently living. On June 3rd we pulled up around the same time and how IRONIC, we had on the same thing....Tan shirt, Blue jeans, and Blue tennis shoes. He had a little afro...was in need of a haircut...but was still well groomed and attractive to the eye. He said, " I thought about getting a haircut but I figured I look like this 95% of the time so if she likes me then we may be able to make this work." At that moment... I knew he was the one for me! His Version: I was taken back when the idea of possibly courting someone I had not "organically" met was presented to me. However, trusting God and the people He has placed in my life has always been a priority. So when one of my mom's closest friends called to say that she was awakened from her sleep because of a dream about me and this woman, I was intrigued. After checking her "car fax" (calling around to make sure no friends of mine had talked to her in the past), I agreed to meet. When we first met the connection was so real, it was almost scary. We showed up to our first date wearing basically the same thing. We both are the oldest child, and have two younger siblings of the opposite sex. We both grew up and lived in Park Hill (her currently living exactly one block from where I spent most of my childhood). We both have birthmarks on our right shoulder. Not to mention, we both have five letter names that begin with the letter J. Needless to say, all of these coincidences, combined with the fact that inside and out she was/is the most beautiful and nicest woman I have ever met in my life, I knew that she had to me MINE!