Morgan & Austin


Morgan Duncan


Austin Hedrick


September 23, 2023

Luray, VA
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The Date That Started It All

January 2021

From Austin: A typical dinner date started slow with a long wait at a restaurant. We both decided to grab a few drinks across the street at a local bar. As the first drinks came to the table, I planned on showing Morgan a unique cheers that I thought was not known by many. Morgan knew the cheers before I could begin to explain anything and I was completely shocked. After drinks we went to dinner where we each ordered delicious meals. Everything was great... too great, so we decided to swap meals mid dinner. Not something I would do on a first date but she already had me at the drinks from the bar earlier. Not to mention, she had great taste in food so needless to say it was a special night for myself and us. From Morgan: Since Austin was visiting me from out of town, I took the liberty in planning our first date. Little did we know that he's the real planner in the relationship and well, I usually just wing it! The plan was for Austin to drive to my apartment in Arlington then we would travel together to dinner at the local Cheesecake Factory. I forgot to send Austin the apartment number which left him patiently waiting at the elevator lobby of my apartment complex with a bouquet of flowers for some time! He ultimately found his way to my apartment and off to dinner we went! Upon arrival, Austin approaches the hostess and requests a recommendation for two under the name "Jose'" I thought, what the heck!! Did I just get catfished? Looking back, I should have known his dad joke humor was here to stay! I knew early on he was the one, the rest is history!