Allison & Spencer



Spencer Heichman


Allison Byrne


Las Vegas


September 22


The Highway to Heichman: Our Story

First comes love, then comes marriage...

It's a Match! We start chatting & Ali deletes her dating app. It's a Match! We start chatting again & Ali deletes her dating app. It's a Match! Spencer says "Take my #, you keep deleting the app & I have no other way to keep in touch w/you." We started texting & a modern love story was born. Had it not been for those dating apps, we may have never crossed paths, even working across the street from one another. Our first date was a realistic glimpse into what our future had in store. We quickly connected over our love for dogs, hockey, adventure & travel. Our lengthy first date covered a handful of firsts: our first Kings Game, first time meeting Spencer's parents & first out of town trip (before you ask-- yes, I brought a friend with us to ensure I would not get murdered by a stranger). After the longest first date either of us had ever been on, we knew there were lots more wild adventures to come. Fast forward through 6 years of lovin', learnin' & growing together & we are ready to make our forever-- official. December 2022, on the rooftop at The Mission Inn, Spencer got down on one knee & asked to spend forever together. The engagement ring was engraved with the saying "Be Mine But Stay Wild" which is a true a testament to our love & admiration of each others uniqueness. We will be saying our vows at a private ceremony in the desert & would love for you to join us in celebrating our union over drinks, dancing & games at a country bar in Las Vegas NV. We can't wait to celebrate moving into this next chapter with you. The Best Has Yet to Come. Cheers, Ali & Spencer

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