Harrison & Casey

Watercolor Highlight

Harrison Escue


Casey Sadler


June 24, 2023

Waco, TX
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How We Met

First comes church, then comes marriage

Casey and Harrison met shortly after Casey's freshman year at Baylor University began, the same year Harrison had began his sophomore year at McLennan Community College. However, it wasn't the introduction you might expect. After deciding that she would be attending First Woodway Baptist Church, Casey joined the adult choir, praise team, and even helped lead pre-k students at First Woodway in their musical learning. Naturally, Casey was meeting several members of the church, and who might Casey be invited to sit with in the choir loft, other than Mrs. Holly Escue, Harrison's mom. An act of kindness that changed everything. Harrison himself participated in the music ministry by playing in the orchestra at First Woodway. He and his parents enjoyed leading for the church in those ways. As God would have it, Harrison Escue was introduced to Casey Sadler in between church services on a Sunday morning after she met his mom, Holly, in the alto section of the choir loft. Casey led the church in an anthem that Sunday, called Great is Your Glory. What a fitting title. The following Sunday, Harrison and Casey had a longer conversation regarding "737", the student ministry bible study that is held on Sunday nights. Casey sneakily offered her phone number to Harrison who could then pass it on to the church's youth leadership. After having reached out to each other over text message now, the two decided to meet for lunch at Chick - Fil - A later that week. They sat in a booth and talked to each other for 4 hours, straight. The rest is truly history. The easiest conversation. The most obvious connection. They fit together like two puzzle pieces. Their relationship was miraculously orchestrated by God. They cannot wait to serve Him together, as husband and wife.