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May 20

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How We Met

Hannah and I first met on May 4th in the spring of 2019 while I was still a student in Washington, DC at the Around the World Embassy Tour. I remember locking eyes with her across the room in the atrium of the Uzbekistan Embassy as her face lit up with excitement just from trying the traditional Uzbek clothing. That is when I made the most nerve racking decision I have made till date by going up to introduce myself. After the initial obligatory banter over Nigerian jollof rice being superior to Ghanaian jollof rice, we lost track of time as we talked and bonded like we had known each other since forever. What started as morning of constantly thinking about my bed after a 28-hour work shift, blossomed into a full day of touring DC with newfound energy from meeting Hannah. We capped off the afternoon with her favorite oreo ice cream and exchanged phone numbers. But the real treat was when she called me later that evening just as I was texting to let her know I had a blast. We have talked every day since then and she quickly became my best friend. I remained blessed by meeting Hannah as she has shown me a love that is patient, kind, uplifting, and never-ending. - Chibuzo

How He Proposed

We went to visit Chibuzo's parents in Arkansas for New Year's. It was New Year's Eve and I hadn't seen Chibuzo almost all day. He had asked me to pick up some decorations for his "parents' anniversary party" that evening. I even spent the entire day decorating his parents' house since Chibuzo had told me that there were visitors coming to celebrate his parent's special day. Around 8pm, I received a call that Chibuzo's best friend, Ozioma, would be picking me up from my Airbnb to drop me off at his parent's home for this party as Chibuzo was running late. On the way to the house, Ozioma made a detour at a coffee shop. He told me to help him grab the coffee. Upon arriving, I noticed beautiful decor and music playing at the gazebo behind the shop. Surrounded by our friends and family, my handsome prince, Chibuzo was standing at the end of the isle with a ring. It was the most magical night of my life! -Hannah